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    Your Gateway to Hudson River Valley History & Culture

    Explore historical collections and curated exhibits that document the rich history of New York’s Hudson River Valley.

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    Contributions From 70+ Cultural Organizations

    All types of libraries, archives, museums, and historical societies contribute to HRVH.

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    Primary Sources at Your Fingertips

    Discover photographs, documents, artwork, maps, oral histories, newspapers, and more!

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Welcome to Hudson River Valley Heritage!

Hudson River Valley Heritage (HRVH) brings together rare, unique and historical resources from the collections of Hudson River Valley’s extraordinary educational and cultural institutions. Discover images, documents, artwork, maps, oral history interviews, newspapers, online exhibitions and more that contribute to the story of the people, places, and events that make this region exceptional.

HRVH is an ongoing cooperative effort between Southeastern NY Library Resources Council and its member institutions.

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Explore our digital collections at New York Heritage, a state-wide digital library, where you will find a wealth of materials broadly representing the history and culture of New York State.

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Historical Newspapers

Turn the pages of the past at HRVH Historical Newspapers, where you can search and browse dozens of Hudson River Valley newspapers.

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Delve into the stories of some of our Hudson River Valley families, industries, and historical events through our online exhibitions.

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Finding Aids

Looking for more? At Empire Archival Discovery Cooperative you can search detailed descriptions of archival, special and historical collections from NY institutions.

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